Against democracy

Extremism has many faces.
Extremism can appear as the thrashing skinhead with the swastika tattoo.
Extremism can appear as the chief-editor of a communist-party bulletin.
It can also take the form of a foreigner blackmailing people to "donate" money for his political group or of the security service of the Scientology Organization.

Different faces of extremism

Prejudice and violence

Today the most dangerous form of extremism is right-wing extremism. We mustn't underestimate the impact of nationalist parties and national-socialist splintergroups. However, politicized thugs who beat up foreigners, "lefties" and other innocent victims are the most disturbing aspect of right-wing extremism. They feel encouraged by xenophobic prejudices accepted far beyond hard-core neonazi- and skinhead-circles. Left-wing extremism deserves our attention too.

Communist and anarchist parties live shadowy existences. But violent left-wing extremists, often from the so called "autonomists", time and again, seek and find opportunities for large-scale attacks and plots.


Anti-democratic claims to power

Among the 7.3 million foreigners living in Germany, only a tiny fraction is active in extremist organizations. Those who are active, import the political conflicts of their home-countries to Germany and continue these conflicts often in a violent way.

The "Scientology Organization" is under the surveillance of the Verfassungsschutz (Agency for the Protection of the Constition), because it is trying to enforce its totalitarian claim to power within the state and society.