Current fields of emphasis

Modern requirements for extremism surveillance

After being established in the early 90s, it did not take the Brandenburg “Verfassungsschutz” ( Agency for the Protection of the Constitution) long to realize that gathering information on extremist parties and organizations alone would not be sufficient. Unorganized groups – right-wing extremist gangs as well as so called "autonomous" left-wing groups – are often even more dangerous. They are militant and often act spontaneously or in a clandestine way. "Verfassungsschutz" must be able to react quickly and flexibly to these threats. This challenge is still on the top of the agenda.

Attacks of right-wing extremist thugs are still directed mostly against foreigners. Militant left-wing extremists have found a new field: globalization. After a series of attacks against various summit meetings, "Verfassungsschutz" is expected to inform the government concerning future plans and plots of these militant left-wing extremists.